Gomitolo Rosa: Pink Ball of Wool , the yarn that unites.

This is a fund raising programme to support women’s breast cancer associations in Europe. A group of Italian donors has given resources to buy a significant quantity of wool which would have been burned because of lack of demand from the market.

70,000 pink balls of wool have been prepared by factories  in Biella (Northern Italy) with years of  expertise in wool production ; these are now available and  come in boxes of 200 at a cost of 3 euro each. No advanced payment is required.

The association can sell them at 5 euro each or more and keep all the profit for itself. Once all the 200 balls are gone, please send back 600 euro to Gomitolo Rosa and feel free to order more.

The Project

“The Pink ball of wool” is an initiative to raise funds operating in Italy and Europe in support of organizations working in the tumor field against cancer, breast cancer above all, the primary cause of female mortality. Wool is the right instrument, knitting the means, the well-being the final  objective.
The Pink Ball of wool project has been running since October 9th, 2012 , and aims to be the most innovative tool of communication and fundraising association operating in the world of oncology. A tumor detected in time means beating it . Having a support during the cure means to overcome fear. So: " Knit wool warms a life." Buying a Pink ball of wool and knitting in  company are small gestures of great significance .
The Pink Ball of wool was begun in the Biella valleys where excess production had become a problem and the wool ended up being destroyed . Now the knitted wool produced in Italy, on behalf of farmers in a national context of full traceability Km 0 , has become a tool that will help women and the environment. To expose the project, the Rose Ball of wool organizes knitting courses, a social activity that helps overcome anxiety. In Milan, the knitting groups started in the female  hospital, Mangiagalli Clinic : whilst waiting for the results of diagnostic tests for breast cancer the women knit and produce  wool squares that are then stitched together to form blankets then used in the  maternity ward . This is what happens in Pavia, At Maugeri Foundation : women who have undergone breast surgery, during their stay in the hospital,  are greeted by volunteers followed by knitting teachers and invited to learn the art of Knitting with circular needles.
Knitting with Pink Ball of wool is an “all round" method using a circular needle, which also allows women who have undergone breast surgery to do it, because the technique is to hold the needle under ones arm but with ones hands, avoiding the drawbacks such as the tension of the neck muscles, the rubbing of the glands under ones arms and the constriction of the rib cage muscles.
But  knitting to beat anxiety is a project with a thousand variations : Since March 8th, in the waiting areas of airports in Lombardy, in collaboration with the airport authority “Sea”, you may see  “Please ... Knitta la Lana, scalda la vita." ( please ... knitta the wool that warms life). The worried wait about a flight can turn into an enjoyable and relaxing time with free lessons of knitting.
To buy a Pink Ball of wool  means helping women to love the environment and give time to themselves.

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